World Announcement for ADempiere new and improved content portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved content portal for ADempiere thus reaching another milestone following the release of version 380, which confirms the traction and commitment from our community and all those behind this great Bazaar project.


A group of committed people worked hard for several months to build a professional and informative site for our business solution, a place where people will find all the required information to evaluate our process management tools, breaking dependence from a particular software provider and avoiding high license costs and more important not requiring long term commitments from third parties to install, extend and/or customize it.


The portal offers an overview of the history, functionality, features, benefits and success stories on ADempiere, but also allows to quickly download an installer, swift access to source code, bug tracking and browsing the forums to learn from other organizations using Adempiere worldwide.


A new publishing platform has been adopted that will allow a more effective maintenance and keeping up with the project’s documentation for current and future enhancements on a regular basis.


We also have moved away from the historic SourceForge repository to a more professional and secure version control system thus all code and collaboration platform ADempiere moved to Git:, which hosts hundreds of open source projects with thousands of developers working actively and collaboratively for the success of their own projects. We also moved the binaries distribution to which also serves many other professional software open source projects and malware free.


We started with a new tool to manage and control the discussion forums where information and knowledge will be managed by the community allowing you to create a knowledge base for the benefit of all those involved.


On the other hand we are in the process of migrating information from the old sourceforge forums to our platform to protect the knowledge generated by the 10-year project.


We have created a chat room for developers to collaborate on the development of future versions within the channel is public and anyone with github account can access it and free to participate.


An important additional point worth mentioning is that the portal is a place where the interested parties can find business consulting services from professional experts, certified and experienced partners that have successfully deployed Adempiere throughout the years.


We have created a certification program that enables our associates qualify by successfully documented cases of guaranteeing the quality and knowledge of the solution.


Incorporate a training plan to train experts in ADempiere consultants that implement best business practices in the sales process, distribution management, supply chain, manufacturing, production control, financial management and human capital.


We established a very successful contribution process by integrating the best features of business and validated in successful implementations, allowing customers the benefits are not obtained proprietary software manufacturers since this project to be led by the community, customers dictate improvements and functionality for future versions.


For version 4 we will focus on the technological renovation to compete with the demands of today, creating a new UI for mobile devices and the development of a new web interface with support for HTML5 responsive, in the next release ADempiere will support Java 8 consciously decided to wait for the release of Java 9 in particular the Jigsaw project that will become the standard for Java modularization.


We want to thank all contributors who made this great company, I invite anyone who wants to collaborate with this great project.



Victor Perez Juarez

Founder of ADempiere

On behalf of the  Community of ADempiere

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