ADempiere business process

Pure integration

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Trade Management

ADempiere can quickly process sales orders and produce customer shipments and invoices based on availability and business rules, down through invoice collections and bank receipts, at the same time it provides a great customer experience through the a friendly user interfaces and reporting tools, allowing business partners to better collaborate with each other. This in turn reduces the cost of the sales and allows a quicker and greater turaround. In itself, using ADempiere is possible circumstantial improvements at each point of sale and payment process making dramatic improvements in the overall results in both time savings and direct cost savings.

Customer Management

Manage your business branches, customer groups, sales channels and regions, slice sales transactions by departments and locations.


Price lists and and price liste versioning enable traceability. Accurate Tax definitions

Orders & Quotes

Enter your business orders and quotes either manually or massively leveraging reliable import process from Excel spreadsheets, further automate order processing implementing Web Services allowing real time synchronization between separate systems. Detail backlog on ordered items, history and traceability of orders.


Enable automatic Customer Credit Check and Credit Status based on predefined business rules


Enable Approvals using ADempiere Workflows for your customer orders and shipments.

Business Rules

Set Up Promotions and Discount Schemas based on customer type and product type.


Streamline invoice process and printing, issue credit notes and manage customer and vendor returns, also accrue differences in price and quantities through PO and receipt matching of documents.

Forecast Management

Sales Forecast

Monitor and manage your business supply chain more efficiently and cost-effectively. Get the most value from your customers and suppliers streamlining purchasing of goods and services, manage RFQs, recurrent purchases, commitments and reservations.

Analyze demand and supply in real time

ADempiere provides user-friendly features to plan and control costs, mitigate risks and stay competitive. You can realize effective cost control measurements throughout the organization, and have accurate information for analyzing costs and trends, tracking current costs, and provide timely advice on cost management to all departments.

The system monitors different costs types and directly relate them to operating and administrative expenses, allowing to manage them more effectively allowing easy screening of costs and revenue from specific products and services, providing accurate information to solve discrepancies and otherwise strengthening potential business advantages.

Leverage demand forecasting features to easily update estimates at a business scale using a per customer and/or per product granularity allowing decision makers great flexibility to compare and review against their own estimates. Adding different scenarios into the planning process will ultimately provide a more accurate vision of the future state of business and plan ahead successfully based on realistic targets.

Financial Management 


Allows management of banks and bank accounts in different currencies handling all payment types, checkbook control, document printing and batch processing of checks and bank reconciliation.

It keeps strict data validation processes, through comparison of system records against bank statements, either manually or through automatic reconciliation processes based on dynamic validation rules.

It leverages system integration with external sources as with automatic statement matching proces, it allows transactions to be uploaded from the bank and compares them against system records which in turn makes bank reconciliation process swift and accurate.

Banking Transactions

It allows multilple payment and deposit types, such as cash, transfers, third party checks and bank vouchers through multiple bank accounts thus centralizing all financial information and providing traceability and accountability at all times.

Detailed Internal Audit

The system creates a detailed transaction log from every record being created or updated and/or every background process executed keeping track of input parameters, run date/time, process duration and exit code indicating either success or failure after process execution.

Document Traceability

ADempiere allows to keep track of due dates for either collection and/or payables. Both own and third-party checks are entered into the system where they followed through with full traceablitiy. Each document is linkedto other documents within the system making this information more reliable and accurate.


It features an extensive reporting system, with daily, weekly and monthly reports and statements produced in real-time.

Cash Management

Cash is effectively managed using the system, including Cash Flow, Tills opening/closing and Petty Cash reconciliation if used.


Human Capital

  • Availability of accurate information from its employees
  • Human Capital Management, boosting employee productivity
  • Defining Vision while Training together as well 
  • Career Development Plans and goals of employees
  • Reduced operational costs through fluid and simple processes.
  • Your organization can use a centralized framework assuming all employees are
    managed in accordance with the same structure and approach.
  • Automation of repetitive calculations
  • Fair and Competitive termination process when required
  • Calculation and processing of overtime
  • Loan Management
  • Tax Processing and Payment of Income Tax and employee contributions
  • Issuing files for dispersion of funds
  • Issuing checks
  • Issue payment receipts by email


Project Management