There are a number of ways you can contribute to the ADempiere project and the ADempiere Foundation.  

Purchase a Membership in the Foundation

Become a Member of the Foundation.  Membership enables you to sit on the Foundation Board, vote at the Foundation meetings and actively serve the community.  Your membership funds will be used in support of the community by the Foundation to fund the servers and administration of the community.  Memberships are purchased as a subscription for $200.00 USD per year or $20.00 USD per month.  You can purchase your membership on the Membership page. 

Become a Sponsor of the Community

Companies that benefit from ADempiere can contribute by sponsoring the community and the Foundation.  Sponsorships.  Funds raised through sponsorships will be used to support the Foundation and community activities.  Sponsorships are available at three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.  You can purchase a sponsorhip for your company on the Sponsorship page.

Make a Donation

You can make a one-time donation to the Foundation and target your donation to general support of the community or to a special project, such as the new User Interface development.  If you want to contribute in this way, please contact us at

Contribute to the Software Development and Advancement of ADempiere

If you are involved in this community as a contributor or advocate, there is no obligation to become a Member of the Foundation or Sponsor but we would really appreciate it if you did. The more funding we receive, the more power we can put behind the community servers that support our website, wiki and, most importantly, the demo server.  At the same time, contributions of your intelligence and effort are the priceless - contributions from developers around the world have made this software project so valuable and powerful.  If you can write code, you can start to contribute today by making a pull request that fixes a but or adds a feature.  If you can write technical documents, please contribute to the documentation.  If you sell services related to ADempiere or use it in your business, advocate for the project on your websites.  Spread the word.